Better experiences at Severance with fewer interruptions


UX Research, APP design & Prototyping

The project stared as a group-project (2 members), and I re-designed it independently after the project ended.


UX Research, APP design & Prototyping

Korea's medical system is largely divided into three stages. Primary medical institutions-secondary medical institutions-and advanced general hospitals. The higher the number of hospitals, the more hospital beds, medical subjects and professional medical personnel. Yonsei University Severance Hospital is one of the most representative senior hospitals in Korea, and My Sevrance is a mobile application that can conveniently use Severance Hospital.

Problem Space

Real Space - Virtual Service.

What we had to consider in the Severance project was that is not a mobile service that exists alone, but a medical application that provides services related to patient experiences in a space called “real” hospital. Therefore, it was important to first understand the field of the hospital, the user's circulation, and medical procedures.

In the course of research, me and team members divide users into beginner-re-experience patients according to the medical journey and •allow users accessing the applicatio Based on the actual hospital space, observe the understanding of the menu structure, how to use each function, and the order.
•and we conducted various tests and research to find confusion in the process of using each function during the medical examination.


1. What is the method to ensure that the main functions of the application are continuously connected without unnecessary errors or repetitive actions to match the actual medical procedure?
2. How to design the structure, function, and signify of the app so that users who are new to the app can easily recognize it?


Build Design System

In order to increase design consistency and work efficiency, we have archived a design system that organizes components related to common colors, fonts, and regulations used to create services. This allowed us to reduce the subtle differences in results and work on a uniform design. -will be updated soon

Jiwon Yun
2017 - 2020